Big Foot and NW Stag

Time for the beach

Flying Fish, Mermaid and School of Fish

Coffee Trio

Coffee clock  Coffee Happiness OMG Decafe

Designs for the area where you live

Custom Zip Pouches


Sally by the Sea , Lopez Island, WA

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Halibut, Octo and Rockfish

Kitchen towels

Love WA state.

Instant Mermaid and NW Fish

Custom towels, totes and metal

Love towels and metal heart bigfoot

Add cool swag to your kitchen

Mr T towel. Bee Happy and the Queen


Sally by the Sea                                                                                      Lopez Island, WA

Custom Designs

You're the Cat's PJS

for the cat lovers.....

Hand painted NW themed kitchen towels by

Sally by the Sea

Galley Charmers

Conifer Towel Set

Wine and hostess gifts

great for any bar

100% unbleached cotton